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We Need YOU!!!

Read the message from our President

PTA 2023-24 has many vacant positions. Please reach out if you would like to be part of the PTA planning committee and/or like to get more information about how you can be involved and help. If you have interest and availability, please email us.


2023-24 PTA BOARD

President: Dibya Mahajan

Vice President 1: Sarah Haque

Vice President 2: Vacant

Secretary: Siwei Luo

Treasurer: Mick Herkner

Assistant Treasurer: Vacant

Principal: Ebony-Nicole Kelly

Vice Principal: Leah M. Levy


Membership Chair 1:  Karinna Rossi

Membership Chair 2:  Megan Kim

Webmaster: Mihae Leung & Vincent Leung

Newsletter: Vacant
Social Media Administrator: Camila Torrella

NAACP Parent Council Rep: Shaniqua Thomas

MCCPTA Delegate: Deepa Raghu

Wootton Cluster Rep: Kenneh Koroma

Room Parent Coordinator: Tai Meltzer

Photo Parent Coordinator: Mick Herkner

Staff Appreciation Chair: Cindy Yeung

Lunch Support Chair: Chanel Press

Enrichment Program/Stationary Chair: Michelle Mortons

Book Fair Chair 1: Augusta Boswell

Book Fair Chair 2: Cindy Yeung

Book Fair Chair 3: Sondra Edwards

Book Fair Chair 4: Kenneh Koroma 

Book Fair Chair 5: Christine Tang  

Book Fair Advisor: Regina Belard

Fun Run Chair 1: Siwei Luo

Fun Run Chair 2: Behnaz Taleghani

Fun Run Chair 3: Aristea Bakopoulos
Fun Run Chair 4: Indu Kohaar

Restaurant Fundraising: Tina Faulkner

Collect Coins Fundraising: Stacy Severe 

Science Fair Chair: Deepa Raghu

Fall Festival Chair: Amy Mounce

Fall Festival Assistant: Vacant

Pizza Bingo Night Chair: Camila Torrella

Ice Skating Chair: Behnaz Taleghani

International Night Chair: Diana Tsai
International Night Chair: Jen Biancaniello

Dance/Silent Auction Chair: Vacant

Fifth Grade Promotional Chair: Vacant

Yearbook Advisor : Frances Nguyen

Yearbook Chair 1 - Communicator : Vacant

Yearbook Chair 2 - Communicator: May Chen

Yearbook Chair 3: Jen Biancaniello

Yearbook Chair 4: Smita Awasthi

Yearbook Editor 1: Mackenzie Cummings

Yearbook Editor 2 : Dorothy Lee

Yearbook Advisor: Frances Nguyen
Yearbook Photoshopper: Mick Herkner

School Photographer 1 - Portrait: Vacant

School Photographer 2 - Events: Vacant

School Photographer 3 - Misc: Suzie Rush



We need to have several more volunteers to assist with the Yearbook committee in order to offer the Yearbook again for 2023-24.  It would be great if you have graphic software knowledge and/or photo taking skills with or without an SLR camera.  However, these are not essential.  What essential is your time and commitment!  We will provide training!

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